Shawn Tompkins Calls Joe Rogan a Douchebag

Today on Fight Network Radio, IFL Coach Shawn Tompkins called UFC Commentator Joe Rogan a Douchebag. Tompkins was in Sam Stout’s corner on Tuesday night at UFC Fight Night 10 and apparently did not like some of things Rogan was saying.

Somehow, I don’t think Tompkins’ vocal displeasure with an announcer will have the same impact that Mirko Cro Cop’s had. (HT: Sprawl N’ Brawl)


2 Responses to “Shawn Tompkins Calls Joe Rogan a Douchebag”

  1. shane says:

    wow that was hilarious i though my boy cro cop was serious…. i have never even seen cro cop laugh so that was cool to see lol

  2. todd whetter says:

    shawn tompkins is one of the best striking coahces in the world, when his fighters listen to his instruction from the corner they know what they need to do to win.
    now you have shawn..and fellow canadians pissed at you…
    joe- obviously fear should be a factor for you!