Sean Salmon Violently KO’d Again!

Jorge Santiago vs Sean SalmonSean Salmon was brutally knocked out last night at the Strikeforce show in San Jose, California.

Salmon was facing Jorge Santiago when he was struck by a flying knee to the jaw. Salmon crashed to the canvas and his body went rigid. His head was turned to the right and his hands remained motionless in mid-air. His legs remained hovered slightly above the canvas and his toes were tightly curled. Jorge Santiago vs Sean SalmonWithin this stiff position, Salmon’s limbs quivered and Santiago punched him in the face once.

It was a disturbing sight to say the least, and an even more brutal knockout than the one he suffered against Rashad Evans in January.

Jeff Sherwood snapped THE perfect photo of the blow that finished Salmon.

Jorge Santiago KO's Sean Salmon has a complete rundown of the entire Strikeforce show here.


7 Responses to “Sean Salmon Violently KO’d Again!”

  1. MoreThanUFC says:

    Way to rip off the two gifs and not give credit to the maker.

  2. matt says:

    What an incredible photograph… Poor Salmon… Pass me the soy sauce.

  3. jojje says:

    looks funny when the ref comes running and just jumpes over him right into the fence lol

  4. kw says:

    MoreThanUFC, who do you think made them?

  5. jazzn says:

    Funny? Pathetic actually. Poor guy. Not a good time to shoot. He was standing almost still with Santiago already in motion coming at him and he bends over telegraphing the move.. bingo.

  6. should he think of a new career? Maybe announcer? Thanks frank –

  7. Amir says:

    This idiot should just quit the biz already. He’s a horrible fighter and always loses. I fear one day we’ll see an article announcing his death from a kick.