Silva Wipes Out Henderson in 2!

UFC 82 – Anderson Silva staked his claim as MMA’s pound-for-pound #1 with a dominating win over ‘Dangerous’ Dan Henderson, tonight in Columbus, Ohio. Henderson had a decent opening round, but Silva was simply spectacular in round two. His striking and ground work were A+ as he stunned Henderson with strikes, and finished him with a rear naked choke.

Fight #1 – Jon Fitch vs Chris Wilson

I tuned in to this one just in time to see the decision. It looked like Fitch was fighting his twin brother. I couldn’t tell them apart until a graphic came up.

Winner: Jon Fitch by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Yushin Okami vs Evan TannerFight #2 – Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami

Okami kicked Tanner’s ass. After landing straight left hands at will for a round and half, Yusin delivered a knee to Tanner’s face that sent him peacefully to sleep on his back. Okami landed a grazing blow while Tanner was out.

Winner: Yushin Okami by KO (knee to face) at 3:00 of rd 2

Fight #3 – Chris Leben vs Alesio Sakara

Chris Leben vs Alessio SakaraSakara was giving Leben a pretty good beating, until he ate a pair of left hooks from Chris. The blows collapsed Sakara, and Leben quickly followed him to the ground. Chris landed three undefended blows from Sakara’s guard before referee Herb Dean stepped in.

Alesio was not pleased about the stoppage. After the third blow his head was still off the canvas but he was making no effort to defend the punches. Dean noted the absence of intelligence in Sakara’s defense and made the right call.

Winner: Chris Leben by TKO (strikes from Guard) at 3:16 of rd 1

Fight #4 – Heath Herring vs Cheick Kongo

No one will accuse either guy of being the most skilled fighter. The transitions were slow and slightly oafish but since both guys were of similar skill the fight wasn’t bad. Herring scrambled a bit better than Kongo, and was effective going to the body while the fight was on the ground.

Winner: Heath Herring by split decision 29-28, 29-28, and 28-29 (3)

Fight #5 – Dan Henderson vs Anderson Silva

Rd 1 – A little bit of standup followed by a takedown by Dan. Henderson spent the remainder of the round in Silva’s half-guard while landing some moderate hammerfists to the side of Silva’s head.

Rd 2 – Silva took it over in this round. After stunning Dan with strikes halfway through the round, Silva went to work on the ground. He took Dan’s back, secured a body triangle then eventually secured a rear naked choke with less than ten seconds left in the round. He looked absolutely brilliant.

Winner: Anderson Silva by tapout (rear naked choke) at 4:52 of rd 2

Josh Koscheck vs Dustin HazelettFight #6 – Dustin Hazelett vs Josh Koscheck

Rd 1 – Koscheck got rocked with a left kick to the face. Hazelett moved in and tried to finish, but Koscheck fought back furiously, and ended up stunning Hazelett. Josh went on to have a strong round until the very end when he got caught in a triangle.

Rd 2 – Josh landed a beautiful right hand-left kick to the head that floored Hazelett. Dustin tried to get up but he stumbled back to the floor. Josh was all over him, and landed a few shots before referee Herb Dean stopped the bout.

Winner: Josh Koscheck by TKO (gnp) at 1:24 of rd 2

Sherdog has results of all the bouts here.


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  1. KD says:

    I’ve been saying Wilson and Fitch look alike ever since I first saw Chris fight (for the first time) back in ’06 in the IFL. Thought I was the only one who’d noticed since I hadn’t seen anyone else mention it until now.