Le Shocks Shamrock!

Showtime EliteXC served up another entertaining show tonight in San Jose, CA. The card was headlined by Frank Shamrock and Cung Le and their bout did not disappoint. Le’s standup left Shamrock with a scuffed up face, a broken hand, and title-less. Despite getting owned on the feet, Shamrock only attempted two takedowns in the first round. Complete report below.

Joey Villasenor vs Ryan JensenFight #1 – Joey Villasenor vs Ryan Jensen

Faster than Ambien! Stronger than Temazepam! It’s Joey Villasenor! If you’re having trouble sleeping all you need is one solid right hand from Joey Villasenor and you’ll be resting peacefully in no time.

Winner: – Villasenor by KO at 4:45 of rd 1

Fight #2 – Mike Kyle vs Wayne Cole

Mike Kyle? What’s this guy doing in the cage? I thought he was banned forever. No difference to Wayne Cole though. He took Kyle down and easily tapped him with an armbar.

Winner: Wayne Cole by armbar at 0:42 of rd 1

Fight #3 – Gilbert Melendez vs Gabe Lemley

Melendez dominated Lemley. He was bigger, faster and more powerful and he proved it both standing and on the ground. The end came in round two when Lemley curled himself into the fetus position while Melendez pummeled him to a TKO.

Winner: Gilbert Melendez by TKO at 2:18 of rd 2

Fight #4 – Drew Fickett vs Jae Suk Lim

Fickett ended this one quickly. Lim scored a nice takedown but Fickett reversed it in like .5 seconds. As Lim tried to stand back up, Fickett sunk a deep Guillotine and forced him to tap.

Winner: Drew Fickett by Guillotine at 1:14 of rd 1

Cung Le vs Frank ShamrockFight #5 – Frank Shamrock vs Cung Le

Rd 1 – All standup. Both guys landed some good shots but Le got the better of it by a bit. Shamrock tried taking Le down twice and at the end of the round motioned to his opponent that he’d be going to sleep soon.

Rd 2 – All standup. Le clearly won this round and he even wobbled Frank with a kick halfway through.

Cung Le vs Frank ShamrockRd 3 – What an awesome round. Brilliant stuff from both guys brought the crowd to its feet. Le landed an excellent spinning backfist and then swept Shamrock’s leg. Frank came back with a short right that staggered Le. Le absorbed a beating and came back with a pair of solid left kicks to the head at the end of the round. Shamrock was unable to answer the bell for the fourth due to a broken arm.

After the fight Shamrock said “Cung Le broke my right arm with a kick. I could hear the bones clicking and I just kept trying to fight through it.”

Winner: Cung Le by TKO at 5:00 of rd 3.