EliteXC Results

Brett Rogers vs Jon MurphyFight #1 – Brett Rogers vs Jon Murphy

Two consecutive right hooks from Brett Rogers ended Jon Murphy’s night in quick fashion. The first one landed on the base of Murphy’s jaw while the second one landed closer to the point. As Jon’s head bobbled from the second blow, Rogers was able to land a backhanded pimpslap on the rebound.

Winner: Brett Rogers by TKO at 1:01 of rd 1

Joey Villasenor vs Phil BaroniFight #2 – Phil Baroni vs Joey Villasenor

Baroni took a short but brutal beating in this one. Villasenor simply had too much power for Phil. The few blows he landed shook Baroni to the core, driving him to the fence. From there he slapped on a deep Guillotine that almost sent Baroni to sleep. Phil managed to escape but he was unable to move his head as Villasenor landed a two punch combo that staggered him. Phil took a knee but unlike boxing, the fight continued. Joey landed one more punch to the face before referee Dan Magliotta mercifully stopped the carnage.

Winner: Joey Villasenor by TKO at 1:11 of rd 1

Fight #3 – Gina Carano vs Kaitlin Young

Rd 1 – A close one that saw the fight up and down. Carano threw more punches while Young threw more kicks. Carano’s punches were more effective. Most of the action on the ground was spent with Carano in the rubber guard.

Rd 2 – Carano took the fight over in this round. Her heavier blows turned Young’s face into a pulp. At the end of the round Carano took Young’s back and nearly sunk in a rear naked choke as time expired. Young was too beat up to continue.

Winner: Gina Carano by TKO at end of rd 2

Robbie Lawler vs Scott SmithFight #4 – Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith

Rd 1 – Robbie finished strong and nearly ended the bout with a brutal kick to Smith’s body.

Rd 2 – Excellent standup action. An accidental headbutt caused a cut over Lawler’s head and blood dripped down his face. The two fighters hung in plumb position and beat the crap out of each other for almost the entire round.

Rd 3 – Lawler controlled this round primarily with his jab. At the 3:26 mark, Lawler accidentally poked Smith in the eye. By rule Smith was to be given five minutes to recover but the fight was stopped well before the time limit was up.

After the fight an official said that the bout was stopped because Scott Smith told the Dr. twice that he could not see. “You don’t say you can’t see twice”. In his post-fight interview Smith said he could have continued and that he did not wanted the fight stopped. Gary Shaw said he will pay both fighters their win bonuses since the fight was so good.

Winner: No one! (The fight was ruled a no contest)

Kimbo Slive vs James ThompsonFight #5 – Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson

Rd 1 – Thompson was able to keep the fight on the ground. The first time he had top position and Kimbo quickly went to guard. Kimbo eventually escaped but Thompson was able to force ground action again. This time Kimbo was on top.

Rd 2 – Kimbo landed some big blows and almost KOd Thompson but he lost the round after James took him down and landed a dozen or so elbows to the head.

Rd 3 – Kimbo landed a blow that burst Thompson’s grotesque cauliflowered ear. Blood spattered all over the side of the face and Kimbo landed four more blows that staggered the big Brit. Although hurt, James threw a right hand in return but for some reason referee Dan Miragliotta stopped it. The crowd booed loudly and announcer Gus Johnson screamed “What a terrible stoppage!”

Winner: Kimbo Slice by TKO at :38 of rd 3


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