WEC 34 Results

Fight #1 – Rob McCullough vs Kenneth Alexander

Rd 1 – McCullough started very cautiously because he was worried about being taken down by Alexander. But after defending a few shots with some good sprawls Rob loosened up his striking a bit. Nevertheless the round was slow and the crowd booed at the end of it.

Rd 2 – Alexander scored a few takedowns in this round but each time Rob was up within seconds. While standing, Alexander scored a left kick to the head and a right uppercut to the jaw. McCullough landed many good low kicks to Alexander’s legs. The crowd booed again at the end of the round.

Rd 3 – McCullough continued his low leg kick attack and mixed in Superman punches, and some knees to the body. One of his knees landed low and the bout was stopped while Alexander recovered. Alexander scored a takedown late in the round but was unable to keep Rob down.

Winner: Rob McCullough by split decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 (The crowd booed loudly during the announcement of the decision and the post-fight interview.)

Mark Munox vs Chuck GrigsbyFight #2 – Mark Munoz vs Chuck Grigsby

After struggling with Grigsby’s 6’6” frame, Munoz finally scored a single leg takedown. From there he connected with several overhand bombs from the standing position while Grigsby was on his back.

The end came after Munoz delivered four brutal, open shots directly to Grigsby’s face as he attempted a leg lock. He was out after the first one but since his head was resting against the mat it was difficult for referee Steve Mazzagatti to tell if he was conscious or not.

Winner: Mark Munoz by TKO at 4:15 of rd 1

Fight #3 – Donald Cerrone vs Danny Castillo

Castillo absorbed a knee to the midsection then scored a quick takedown. Seconds later Cerrone slapped on a tight armbar and Castillo verbally tapped out.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by verbal tapout (armbar) at :30 of rd 1

Fight #4 – Yoshiro Maeda vs Miguel Torres

Rd 1 – Most of the round was standing. Maeda managed to bloody Torres nose and he fought most of the round with blood on his face. Each time the fight hit the ground Maeda was on the top position but he went for subs including an armlock.

Rd 2 – The fight really heated up in this round. Both guys took it to each other striking and on the ground they each went for heel hooks at the same time. Near the end of the round Torres secured full mount and almost finished Maeda.

Rd 3 – Torres began to use his height and reach advantage and began schooling Maeda on the feet. Maeda’s face turned purple and began to swell and by the end of the round it was almost completely shut. He was unable to continue into the fourth round.

Winner: Miguel Torres by TKO at end of rd 3

Fight #5 – Urijah Faber vs Jens Pulver

Rd 1 – Faber was way too fast for Pulver. He continually beat Jens to the punch and landed numerous lead right hands. Pulver took the shots and did not appeared hurt at any point.

Urijah Faber vs Jens PulverRd 2 – After accidentally kicking Pulver in the nuts, Faber took Jens down and inflicted some mild ground and pound. After a minute Pulver escaped to his feet and continued eating blows from Urijah. Faber landed a short left hook that appeared to stagger Jens. A second look showed that Jens stumbled when his ankle rolled on the mat.

Rd 3 – Faber continued to land kicks and punches at a high percentage but Jens was able to return fire from time to time. The fight hit the ground for about a minute until a forced standup returned the combatants to their feet. Faber won the remaining standup.

Rd 4 – Pulver landed a nice left that turned Faber’s body but Urijah cam back with an uppercut of his own. Urijah outstruck Pulver with left hooks and straight rights. After a takedown, Faber landed sporadic elbows from within Jens’ guard until the end of the round.

Rd 5 – After four rounds of high action, the pace slowed in round five. The best blow came from a Faber knee to Jens’ face and once again Pulver showed a great chin.

Winner: Urijah Faber by unanimous decision 50-45, 50-44 and 50-44


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