Amputee Loses MMA Debut

Congenital Amputee Kyle Maynard made his MMA debut last night in an unsanctioned event in Auburn, Alabama. (Georgia would not sanction the fight therefore it was moved to Alabama.) Despite having no arms or legs, Maynard built up an impressive 35-16 record as a wrestler at Collins Hill High School.

Special rules for the bout included Fry’s inability to kick Maynard since he is considered a downed opponent at all times. Maynard was not allowed to strike because they could not fit gloves over his stumps.

Unfortunately for Kyle he dropped a decision to Bryan Fry 30-27 on all three cards.

Here is a play-by-play of the fight that was posted to the Underground by catchascatchcant.

“Kyle is coming to the cage, riding on a friends back (old school Gracie style)
crowd is going absolutely nuts
high-fiving (stumping?) audience as he walks by
Kyle is in the cage
white trunks
huge upper body

-round 1-
he can hop
and move like quardaped!

he’s kinda quick

he can’t cover up while moving
feeling out process
Kyle almost ate a hook
Kyle going for legs

Fry kinda uppercutted, low punch
Fry with swiping right hooks low, not really connecting
Kyle is having trouble closing distance
Kyle moves forward headfirst most of the time
Kyle raised momentarily to boxing stance
tries to lure Fry in

round 1 over
Fry landed a couple shots
Kyle couldn’t really get anything to happen


-round 2-

Kyle is coming forward so quick
swipes keep coming in
left jab by Frye lands, no real effect

Kyle keeps heading for the left leg
his head is so low when he comes in
Fry has to punch lower than his own knee
Kyle mainly runs on all fours when shooting

audience chanting ‘wrestle’
left jab lands on Kyle each time he shoots
not much on it

Fry’s corner telling him to move forward
Maynard enters buttscoot to try to taunt him in

Fry lands a bodyshot during a shot

round 2 over

Fry looks like he’ll stick with his jab and backpedal plan
audience is chanting Kyle
going crazy

really, Kyle can’t score points unless he gets Fry to the ground…

-round 3-

Kyle comes forward like crazy
just charging
Fry flees
Fry almost only getting to stuff TDs now and backpedaling
Fry lands a couple of jabs
Fry begins finding heavier shots by stuffing Kyle’s charge with his left hand and swiping big shots with his right hand

round 3 (and the fight) are over

audience guy shouted “one more round!”
judges sorta need to give it to Frye, despite timidity
ballsy ballsy guy”


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