Klitschko Dominates Arreola

vitali-klitschko_cris-arreolaIn a very one-sided fight, Vitali Klitschko stopped Cristobal Arreola in 10 rounds tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA to retain his WBC Heavyweight Championship.

Arreola was never in the fight. Few jabs, poor lateral footwork and a lack of head movement left him wide open for Klitschko. Vitali used his jab and right hand to keep Cris at bay. Whenever Cris managed to close the distance Vitali would circle out of harm’s way or tie him up. The few punches Arreola did land did not phase Klitschko.

Vitali landed 215 more punches than Cris and by the end of the tenth round, Arreola’s face was a mess. His trainer Henry Ramirez mercifully stopped the bout even though Cris likely would have made it to the twelfth.

Klitschko was gracious after the fight. “Arreola gave great performance, I was very surprised. He has great chin. And actually after I land right hook, many of my opponents go to the floor. He still stays. Big respect.” The crowd booed him loudly.

Arreola was an emotional wreck after the fight and I felt bad for him. Even though he got dominated he never quit. His trainer made that call for him. “I wanted to go the full 12 rounds. I knew he was fuckin me up but hey, I’m sorry guys… …He was just a smarter fighter in there. And whatever I did he’d find a way to counteract that. He just found a way to win and I found a way to lose… …I promise I’ll be back. This ain’t the last you’ve seen of me. Fuck that I’m coming back.”

With the win Klitschko improves to 38-2, 37 KOs while Arreola drops to 27-1, 24 KOs.

Power Punches
Klitschko 151 out of 283 (53%)
Arreola 24 out of 107 (22%)

Total Punches
Klitschko 301 out of 802 (38%)
Arreola 86 out of 331 (26%)


3 Responses to “Klitschko Dominates Arreola”

  1. DieAllRight! says:

    I was at the fight, and it went pretty much as I expected, but I think questions about Arreola’s chin are answered. He stood up to a ton of abuse, and kept moving forward.

  2. kw says:

    Yes, Arreola definitely showed great toughness. Losing to Vitali is nothing to be ashamed of. hopefully he’ll be back soon because the kid is fun to watch.

  3. I agree. He is definitely fun to watch.