Referee Laurence Cole expects suspension!

By Kevin Perry

It’s no secret that referee Laurence Cole made a huge mistake as the referee for Juan Manuel Marquez’s last bout on HBO versus Jimrex Jaca.

Late in the fight after an accidental clash of heads that left Marquez with a nasty cut over his eye, Laurence Cole told Marquez that he was ahead on the cards. This has caused a bit of controversy because Cole had no right to tell the fighter he was ahead, and how did he know the score of the contest? This blunder could lead the Texas State of Liscencing and Regulation to suspend Laurence Cole.

I have observed a number of Coles fights and from my observation Cole has been incompetent in a number of bouts. He makes crucial errors in fights and finally he will be held accountable. Referees who make crucial errors yet continue to be assigned big fights are a scar to the game. The same accountability should be applied to judges who score unfavorable decisions. Click the link to read the story regarding Laurence Cole that appears on

The worst officials in boxing in no particular order

  • Referee Laurence Cole
  • Referee Vic Drakulich
  • Judge Guy Jutras
  • Judge Anel Hongtongkam

No official suspension has been confirmed at this time


2 Responses to “Referee Laurence Cole expects suspension!”

  1. Zac Hanscom says:

    There’s actually no confirmation of this report. When I asked Cliff Rold what his source was for the suspension, he wrote, “Cole himself called us before the Commission ruled to say he expected a suspension (along with levying a $3000 fine).” As far as I know, Fightbeat hasn’t talked to anyone at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. In fact, here’s their website:

    As you can see, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation doesn’t mention the suspension on its main page. Here’s their Combative Sports page:

    There’s no mention of it there, either. If Cole has indeed been suspended, you need confirmation before you print such a report. I’d suggest contacting the Department’s Enforcement Division at 800-803-9202 (Texas only) or 512-463-2906.

  2. Kevin Perry says:

    I will investigate this further…I will change the headline to ” Cole expects suspension”. In response to what’s on their website, how often do you think they update their website?
    Thanks for the info, but remember Cole himmself said that he expected to be suspended even if the suspension hasn’t been imposed yet.