Dana White: If Baroni knocks Frank out I’ll bring him back in 2 seconds!

Edit – Ken, thanks for the clarification on when the show airs. The MMA Weekly radio show airs live M-F at 6pm PST.

Dana White was a guest on MMA Weekly radio tonight and seemed to be in quite a good mood. He spoke candidly about many things including his dislike for Frank Shamrock. The guys at MMA Weekly asked some pretty good questions although they failed to bring up the UFC’s banning of Internet media. It’s too bad their live show airs at 9am PST because many fans on the West Coast get to work later than that.

Here is a breakdown of what Dana had to say:

  • Says TUF 5 will be the best season yet
  • Says we might see a Hermes Franca-Sean Sherk fight
  • Says the UFC has done the Mohegan-Jersey-Vegas circuit and now plans to expand to Ohio, Texas, UK, Canada and Mexico
  • Says they’re working on getting MMA sanctioned in every state even if they don’t plan on running shows there so that a rinky dink organization doesn’t get some fighter killed
  • Did not seem overly impressed about doing a show at Madison Square Garden
  • Feels that same-day weigh-ins will get fighters hurt
  • Says Brandon Vera has one more fight and is currently negotiating with him – says Vera is insane if he leaves the UFC
  • Says that if Pride is for sale, he’s interested in buying them – He would try and run it as a separate promotion in Asia
  • Says he does not ‘get’ the IFL at all – MMA is not a team sport and it never will be
  • Says Evan Tanner will always be welcome in the UFC
  • Says he’d love to see Phil Baroni knock Frank Shamrock out and if he did he’d bring Phil back to the UFC in 2 seconds
  • Says he’d love to see Chuck kick Frank’s head into the ninth row
  • Says Bonnar and Buentello are welcome back to the UFC
  • Says he has no problem with Matt Lindland despite Matt fucking him over. He will not rule out a return for Matt to the UFC
  • Says International talent (like Crocop) was not brought in earlier because it was harder to bring them in to do press in the U.S. now that they plan on going worldwide they will bring in more International talent
  • Hates fighters who don’t make time for fans
  • Says Crocop gets winner of Sylvia-Couture in the summer if he gets past Gonzaga
  • Says Chuck wants to move to heavyweight to fight Crocop
  • Says Chuck and Rampage get one more fight each before facing each other
  • Says he was half-asses joking when he had the exchange with Rashad (about Rashad fighting his friend Keith Jardine) – at the end of the day these guys will fight their mother for the right amount of money
  • Says he has different people running the WEC and that he might have their champs fight UFC champs one day
  • Says he’s still working on the HBO deal (including who will announce)
  • Says he’s going to box Tito on April 24th possibly for charity on the Internet
  • Says the guys getting into MMA promoting now are the guys who fucked up boxing in the first place (obviously referring to Gary Shaw)
  • Hinted that he feels MMA is at its most enjoyable now and it may get worse once the boxing promoters take over
  • Says in the immediate future women will not be in the UFC because he feels it is not the right time

It was a good interview. Unfortunately you have to be a paying member of MMA Weekly to listen to the archive.


4 Responses to “Dana White: If Baroni knocks Frank out I’ll bring him back in 2 seconds!”

  1. Dennis says:

    Did you say, “Chuck wants to move to heavyweight to fight Crocop “?

    If that’s true, it will definately replace QJ as the fight of decade and become the “fight of the century”!!

  2. kw says:

    Hell yeah, a Mirko-Chuck fight would be sick!

  3. Ken Pishna says:

    The FREE live broadcast of the show actually airs live at 6 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday, not in the morning. And although the archives of the radio show are for paying members, it’s only 5 bucks month, plus you get access to video as well – the rest of the site is free.

    We do have a story up about Dana’s appearance that has a select portion of the radio show available in mp3 format that is a free download, so you guys might want to check that out.


    Thanks for listening in!

    Ken Pishna

  4. Steve says:

    Mirko will splatter chuck all over the ring